Meek to inherit the earth

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2. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Who on earth wants to inherit the earth? What are they to gain from that? First let’s be clearer what meek means in the beatitudes. We read in the bible how John the Baptist had meekness when he says. I must decrease, and the Lord must increase.

  • Meekness = gentleness
  • Meekness = humility
  • Meekness =malleable
  • Meekness does not mean weakness

When we are meek we are not judging the church and teachings, scripture. When we are meek, we submit   to the teachings of the church and fall in love with it. We begin to adore and give thanks to God. We learn to pray deeper than words. It is only possible for souls that only have humility and 1st beatitude of poor in spirit, we receive the gift of meekness. Through meekness, the Holy Spirit leads us through our prayers. The prayers that we cooperate with gentleness, sensitivity and prompting of holy spirit that nudges the direction that God leads us When we control our own prayers, how and what we pray is not meekness because we don’t allow the Holy Spirit to lead us.

For example, we eat 10 cookies and the next time we eat only 4 because we get this prompting inside that tells us to stop that! So, you listen and that is responding to the prompting of grace. A little self-denial. We could not be able to do this if we did not have some meekness in us.

So why would Jesus tell us “for they shall inherit the earth?”

If you are meek, the last thing that you want is the earth and the things of it. The writings of Teresa of Avila and others say that’s the reason it is why you are the one to inherit the earth, because you will not use it for self-gain. You are the best to manage and most responsible to care for the earth and other people on it to help elevate them to God.

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