Mystery Person

Can you guess this person?

  • One of the 12 apostles
  • Not Judas, the betrayer
  • He was from the same town as Andrew and Peter, Bethsaida
  • Jesus found (mystery person) and said to him, ‘Follow Me’ ” (John 1:43)
  • He became the fourth apostle of Jesus
  • When he heard Jesus talk, he believed in him
  • After he met the Lord he went and told Nathaniel (called also Bartholomew) about Jesus
  • He was with Jesus at the wedding in Cana and saw Jesus’ first public miracle
  • He was present at the miracle of the loaves and fishes, when he engaged in a brief dialogue with the Lord
  • During the Last Supper, when he (mystery person) asked Jesus to show them the Father, he provides Jesus the opportunity to teach his disciples about the unity of the Father and the Son
  • He is mentioned in the gospel of John and in Acts
  • This apostle had a large role in the ministry of Jesus and the days following Jesus’ ascension into heavenphillip
  • He preached with much success in the city of Samaira
  • He was a martyr and died upside down on the cross


Did you guess? The answer is….

Philip the apostle


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