We wake up and immediately there are words and thoughts going on in our heads. What we say each day to people should make them feel better about themselves. Our words should be clear and kind or we should be silent when we have no kind words. What we say or don’t say can help someone or not.

Here are a few that I found on Pinterest and put together. It is a motivator and positive way to start the day.

  • Bible


  • Parenting


  • Relationships


  • Funny


last thought

I often thought about hanging positive words around our house on the walls, Bible quotes or just things that my family would benefit for their behaviors or reminders. My father used to hang love notes for my mother, and she would find them on the bathroom mirror, on her dresser, on the refrigerator. One day after my father’s death, mom was cleaning behind the furniture and found a note. It was all dusty, and it was from my dad.  She cried for days after that.



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