Two Kinds of Hope

Hope sounds positive, but is it? You hope someone cleans their room in doubt that it flowersgets done. You get home and look in the messy room and say I knew it would not be clean. It is almost like being sarcastic because you know that the opposite will happen. You can hope that something comes in the mail, because you have been waiting for a long time already. You say I hope that package comes today. You really have a sense you will be waiting for a while longer. Or how about waiting for that someone to give you flowers? It might not ever happen. Or you go to the dentist and hope he is not going to hurt you… It always hurts. Or people lie to give you hope. You put on a new outfit, and they say you look good. You know that is a lie because you just looked in the mirror. There are thousands of people hoping for all kinds of reasons. But this kind of hope is a natural, earthly hope. With this kind of hope you really don’t know the outcome. It is a shaky and uncertain. But have hope — there is another kind of hope! This other kind of hope is Superheaven hopenatural hope. Reading the bible and hearing the truth of Jesus and about our eternal life with Him in heaven teaches us about hope. Eternal, joyful, supernatural hope is everlasting. By our faith we know this kind of hope is guaranteed! We study the bible and listen and learn in church, and we understand eternal hope. It is going to happen, and we are living and working our way to this goal. We know we have this supernatural hope when we can see the good in the worst tragedy. Whether things in this world go my way or not, whether I like things or not, whether I understand them or not, it is irrelevant. God is in charge.

As Christians, we are encouraged to have faith, hope, and love. Faith is having a relationship with Jesus and placing trust in Him. Hope is looking forward in that relationship, no matter what we are dealing with, and knowing that Jesus is always walking with us. This extended relationship with Jesus is hope.

Last thought
If we do not have supernatural hope, we will not be able to live our lives with inner peace, joy, and purpose.






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