Afraid No More

After the Crucifixion, the apostles were together, locked in the upper room. Why were they locked? They were afraid of being crucified themselves. They were afraid of others questioning them about their Master and afraid of the Jews. After all, they were followers of Jesus. But Jesus knew that His teachings and His words would not be spread or taught to others if the apostles could not spread messages about Jesus and stayed locked up in fear. Did they totally forget what Jesus told them over and over? Before He died, Jesus said that He must die and will rise on the third day. The apostles did not see the outcome of Jesus’ brutal death. They were still locked in their own fear, not being able to see past what they wanted to see. Do we sometimes get locked into our own fears too? Are we sometimes like the apostles? Instead of thinking only about our self, reaching out to others will diminish our own fears. While the disciples were talking about all that had happened, Jesus appeared to them. “Peace be with you.” Luke 24:36 They were terrified and shocked. They thought that they were seeing a ghost. Jesus told them to look at His wounds, they all were amazed and overjoyed. Jesus went on to explain that He himself fulfilled all that the prophets said in scripture. Jesus opened their hearts to the truth. Jesus also said, As the Father sent me, so I send you. We sometimes are locked in our fears and sorrows, Jesus can penetrate our locked hearts as He did with the apostles. He sent His apostles forth to spread His message and love one another. Jesus appeared to them many other times until He ascended to His Father. Behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age. Luke 28:20 


We should not be afraid of the things that happen to us here on earth. Man might be able to hurt us physically but not our souls. Jesus showed that to us when He took on all the human torture that man inflicted on Him. What He suffered was temporary. And so is all that we suffer here on earth. We should not be wrapped up in things from this earth hurting us. Instead we need to take that same energy and serve others. Love one another like Jesus taught us. Jesus can bring peace to our hearts even when we have closed our hearts. Just as Jesus was sent we also are sent out to share love and peace in our world.





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