Why So Much Torture?



Why all the torture? Jesus died on the cross to save us all, but why did He have to endure so much pain? Why the passion?

Jesus came into the world quiet and humble – a world that was sinful and dysfunctional. Jesus, who was holy, came down to sinners. He was rejected and put down by many. He came to the needy and ill and healed them. He  sat with sinners. He was scourged and given the crown of thorns. He was  ridiculed as the KING OF THE JEWS. Jesus accepted the cross. He took all of our sins onto Himself, and died for us so that God’s mercy could forgive every kind of sin in the world.

In spite of the way the world thinks, we all sacrifice for one another out of love for each other. This is seen most commonly in families where we love and value each member. We need to let other family members know how they are a critical member of the earthly family but also a member of God’s family. Without this knowledge they might lose the sense of their fundamental worth. For those that are lost and unloved, we need to help them discover the way. This is God’s plan.

Jesus gave everything back to God the Father, in life and in death. He knew that after earthly death was life again with His Father. So when we contemplate the cross, we see the lifeless body, a sacrifice that was temporal yet for all time. We must think of the Jesus’ resurrection as a new life with God our Father in heaven and a new beginning that leads us to an eternal and permanent life. We have hope because of this promise of life after death through the sacrificial death of Jesus, and we have joy in seeing Jesus who loves us and protects us from the death caused by our sin. We are to see the cross as a reminder that Jesus always remains with us even through our own daily mistakes.

Last thought

Jesus did not die in vain but so that we, who are lost through disobedience, can find redemption through Him.


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