Question Everything


There once was a young man named Harry, who loved to travel. He especially loved to hike down the Grand Canyon. On the morning of a cool spring day he decided to venture out and take the challenge of his life to hike down into the Grand Canyon, all the way down to the Colorado River. Harry was an experienced hiker. He prepared days in advance with supplies that he needed for the 2-3 day hike, such as plenty of water and healthy lightweight snacks, a backpack of supplies, tent, map, bandanna, compass, cell phone, and of course, his camera.

The bus arrived at the bus stop on time. After climbing aboard, Harry walked to the first seat behind the driver and sat down. “How’s the weather today?” he asked the driver.

“Looks like no rain in the forecast, and it is going to be another cool morning with the temperature staying cool all day in the 60’s, which is typical for the Canyon in the spring.

The driver was friendly and full of information about the South Rim area. He wished Harry the best of luck for his hiking adventures when Harry stepped off the bus.

What a nice day and beautiful views! Harry pulled out his camera to take a look at the path ahead and to see the scenery with his telephoto lens. This particular morning Harry was on his own. There seemed to be nobody on the path ahead or behind him. But he did notice in the distance some donkeys connected to each other by rope. They were on the way up the path. There were about 4 donkeys carrying packs and one man leading the first donkey with a lead rope. The man looked tired and was breathing heavy. In no time he was passing Harry, who had to step off the path to let the donkeys pass. Harry was making good time down the canyon. He was getting thirsty and decided to sit down for a drink of fresh water. As he took his last swallow, something caught his eye. It was a Grand Canyon Pink Rattlesnake sliding right toward Harry. It must have been hiding behind the rocks a little off the path that were in front of him while he was taking a drink. Was Harry making that much commotion to disturb the snake? Harry knew that rattlesnakes were highly venomous but won’t attack humans unless provoked. He also knew snake bites mostly happen when people try to pick them up.

 The snake came right up to Harry and said “Hello, I have a simple and easy request from you. I just wanted for you to move me into the sun because I am so cold and need to get warmed up.”

 Harry said “Oh no, I know you will bite me if I pick you up.”

 “Please, said the snake,” I am so, so cold, I won’t have enough energy to bite you, I can hardly move. Come on it is easy. See right over there would be a nice spot. Come on, I won’t bite you. I will die if you leave me here freezing to death. You are the only one who can help me. Don’t you want to save me?  You will be a hero!”

Harry, then feeling sorry for the snake and liked the idea of being a hero did not think through his actions. He reached out to pick up the snake to move it into the sun  so it can warm up.

 “Ouch!! you bit me!!” You said you would not do that. Why did you lie?”

The snake answered back with a sly voice, “I am a snake, and you knew that I bite. You knew my ways. You knew that I am death to you. But you saw me and played with me anyway.


 Last thought

Always question what you are doing Is it right or wrong? There are consequences in this life and in the next. Look for him, know that he exists, and avoid him in every situation. There is no bargaining with the devil. He only loves himself.




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