Whom do you trust?


How do you get faith? Who is in control of it? Where could I sign up for some? When I was little, my mother would say something like “Daddy will be home at dinner time” or “if you study you will do better on the test in school.” These things were true, and I learned to trust. We all learn to understand as we grow up who to trust and who is telling us a white lie. We all need to trust someone and rely on each other. Our world is built on being united with each other, families, communities, schools, work places, or churches. As independent as we might think we are, we all need to trust people in our daily lives. But today I am here to talk with you about trust in Jesus Christ and having faith in Him. Is trusting in something or someone faith?

If you take your tv control, sit in the chair across the room, and while holding it, push the power button, yes, the TV will turn on. And you can proceed to flip to different channels. You might say that you had some faith in thinking that if you pushed the power button it would come on. Same with spiritual faith. You trust it to work. Not by pushing buttons but by what we believe. We choose daily to believe in Jesus and have faith in Him.

These are a few basic ways to develop trust in Jesus:

1 Pray and ask God for your trust in Him to grow.

2 Believe God will give this gift to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. James1:6

3 Find ways to trust God. Read about trust and faith, listen at mass, focus on constant communication with God in everything you do.

4 Be positive toward the people around you. Find good things in them.

Once when I was attending daily mass, I heard an amazing homily about trusting Jesus. I was so excited about learning how to do this. After mass I stepped outside of the church, stopped to take a deep breath of the fresh spring air, and thought I must hurry home and find my book My Daily Bread. I had read it before and knew that there was a chapter in it about trust. I was anxious to find it and reread about the subject. While I was driving home, like many of us, my mind was racing through things like errands and tasks I needed to finish that day. I was a mother of two small children, and many things were on my mind. While I was distracted from traffic and other thoughts, a pickup truck pulled into my lane in front of me, and we all stopped for a red light. The truck had a bumper sticker that caught my attention. It read “Trust in Jesus.” Wow! I thought, just what I needed to get my mind back on track. Driving home, I tried not to get easily distracted and stay focused on finding some answers. When I got home I walked straight to my room where I had the book. Now this book is thick with many chapters and over 400 pages. I thought I would just go to the table of contents and find the trust in Jesus chapter. When I opened the front of the book, my eyes went blurry. There was nothing wrong with my eyes; I did not have any problem with them that day or any other time. I was wondering what was going on. The words were small and not readable at all. Reading the table of contents was not working for me. I figured that if I go slowly chapter by chapter I will eventually get to the trust in Jesus one. I then opened the book to any chapter to begin, but to my surprise, clear as on a good contact day, I could see the title of the chapter that I just opened. It was the chapter “Trust in Jesus.”

I had to laugh out loud, for Jesus had a sense of humor.

He had planned everything from the start, helped me make it to mass, helped the priest plan his homily, helped me to be inspired, helped direct the truck into my view, helped me read the bumper sticker, helped me want to find more information, helped to momentarily blur my eyes, and then helped clear them again, and lastly helped me open to the right chapter. Jesus knows how we can learn to come closer to Him. He will teach and inspire us according to our own unique way. Did you ever tell a story to someone about how an incident that has moved you? All they can say is “oh that’s good.” They obviously did not get nearly as inspired as you did when you experienced that situation. Even through the little things we do, Jesus is with us in every thought, word, and action. He is full of love and mercy and really wants us to learn to trust Him. Jesus is who I trust! He is my best friend who knows everything I need. He plans everything in my life, the people I meet and the circumstances of things that occur. Nothing is coincidence. He is the only one we can fully trust because He knows us and how we think and feel at every moment of our lives. He can console and give us hope.

Last Thought:

Most importantly, Jesus is the only one that can make us happy because He knows how to love us like no other.


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